Unified Communications


One of the first companies authorized by the Ministry, the first to install telephone switchboards, over the years Durante has built networks of tens of thousands of nodes. A leader in the sales and assistance of multi-line systems for financial and stock exchange operators, Durante has always been chosen for its impeccable and timely response to critical issues, with real-time interventions.
In 1986 Durante was already ahead of its time when it proposed automation through the introduction of the fax. After obtaining one of the first 5 Italian telephone carrier licenses, in 1990 the company premiered the cellular phone, followed by ISDN lines in 1994. Durante's journey of innovation continued with ADSL lines, the introduction of fiber and cloud services with Unified Communications.


VOIP Solutions

The best of fixed and mobile VOIP technology, integrated into highly distributed, complex and highly reliable infrastructures.

Cloud pbx

UC system management in the cloud, without company infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud

UC with telephones, on-prem voice gateway, and cloud infrastructure.

On premise

Company IT infrastructure in a virtualized mode or with dedicated HW.

Multichannel Contact Center

Sort inbound calls with a predictive and intelligent queue system, applied to voice, fax, email, chat, and social. Generate outbound campaigns for promoting new services or to confirm booked services.

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