Networking and Wifi

Networking and wifi


Durante is rooted in the world of telecommunications, a context where infrastructures and service reliability are absolute values. On these conditions, the company has always created and assisted even the most extremely complex physical networks, up to 30,000 points and over, with a high standard of service. Over the years, Durante has developed extensive experience in the project design and integration of wireless and IOT networks such as wi-fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and beacons.


Durante places in the field the know-how accumulated over the years in order to create local networks, geographical networks, wireless networks and data centers with the highest standards of efficiency, innovation and reliability. Thanks to agreements with an international carrier such as Verizon, the company is able to manage global projects and distribute IP video with maximum quality and reliability.


Research and development

Constant investment in digital technologies in order to reduce costs and improve performance.

Interdisciplinary expertise

Thanks to the expertise acquired in the Unified Communication & Collaboration field, Durante is able to realize projects suitable for real-time traffic types that transit on the current data network.


Durante provides usage statistics and metrics that can allow individual consumption activities to be attributed to the correct cost centers.

Support 24/7

Support up to 24/7 of the entire proposed technology package.