Digital Transformation


Durante is able to offer unique solutions for organizing events with video conferences, bookings, manage and control conference rooms or individual desks, and to welcome and accredit guests.
The company provides integrated solutions for Remote Experts, analysis software for the digital universe and much more.

Room Automation

Room Automation is the Space Booking module that allows one to control all the room devices, recall scenarios, extend meetings or interrupt them, restoring the availability of rooms.
The module is available from the same touch booking of the room, placed on the conference room table.
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Easy Meeting

From the integration of the video conference world with that of Space Booking, comes Easy Meeting: a simple and effective system for organizing meetings and events with the engagement and setup of video conferencing systems, directly from the platform.
  • Booking rooms (with Space Booking);
  • Invite participants, even remotely;
  • Check-in in order to automatically activate the technology;
  • Activate the video conference automatically, if required.
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Easy Visit

The ideal solution for eliminating paper registries, simplifying the process of crediting, respecting the privacy of guests and to be GDPR compliant in the acquisition of personal data and in the provision of wi-fi guest credentials.
  • Quickly credit guests;
  • Provide wi-fi credentials and travel documents;
  • GDPR compliant
  • Locally print out the list of guests present;
  • Notify hosts.
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Remote Expert

Durante is a System Integrator with over twenty years of experience in video conferencing, integrated project planning and software development. This business know-how has been translated into the realization of effective solutions for supporting Remote Expert activities. An example of this success is Virtual Bank Office, a virtual bank branch adopted by over 120 branches of 30 different banks.

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