Project design and rendering


Durante is a System Integrator that has created a specific team of engineers and architects over the years within its pre-sale division, specialized in integrated design between project design and technology. The result is elegant solutions that combine form and function in the project design of multimedia environments that are aesthetically beautiful and functionally effective.


The consulting offer of Durante is dedicated to all the companies that need support to create the Smart Workplace, choose technologies, simplify processes, implement Audio/Video, rendering, high-level projects, executive projects, specifications and integrated design of environments.


Project Support

Durante coordinates its projects with the architects of clients, bringing together ideas and know-how on paper, to a project in progress and in the implementation stage, thereby reducing the risks of errors in the project design and creation stages.

Digital Factory

Durante chooses the best technological solution for the client by bringing into play its Digital Factory to bring direct added value and to overcome any limitations of present devices or technologies.


Since 1962, Durante has provided highly competent consulting and professional services.