Microsoft Teams

Your Teams

Choose Durante as your partner to make the most of Microsoft Teams' full potential.
Make meetings more personal and promote teamwork during virtual meetings. Host meetings in any situation, whether you need to call a single person, give a product presentation, give team training or conduct a company meeting.

The new flow of meetings

The meeting lifecycle, from scheduling to completion, can be difficult to manage. The Microsoft Teams cloud collaboration solution for meetings automates the entire meeting process and saves time so you can stay focused and increase productivity.

Keep the team focused

Organize conversations, files and apps in one place to allow your team to stay in sync no matter where its members are. Resize collaboration by determining which team members can see conversations and content on a particular topic.

Work with others in real time

Simplify collaboration and make sure everyone has the latest information by sharing files in Microsoft Teams. Easily upload documents, set permissions, and collaborate with Office apps simultaneously.