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Product sector – Research Hospital
Location – Italy
Number of employees:2000+
Turnover into Euro:767 million euro (2016)




Creation of the technological and multimedia infrastructure of the new university campus for:

Classroom Building
Research Building
Simulation Center



Multimedia set up

Multimedia set up of the Teaching Classrooms with the use of innovative Audio Video and Control technologies. The project design solution adapts to the architectural characteristics of the classrooms, simplifying their use thanks to Room Automation which controls the technological devices, lighting, curtains, and the reconfiguration of the spaces. The integrated technology allows for the connection and sharing of content via streaming among the classrooms and the simulation center, multimedia, document sharing and the direct connection between the classrooms.

10 Divisible and reconfigurable classrooms
13 Teaching classrooms
1 200-seat auditorium (divisible and reconfigurable)


Video conference

The project design solution provides the classrooms with the ability to carry out internal and external video conferencing sessions through the internet.
The infrastructure provides interworking capabilities with the outside world, through secure Internet connections and is set up for the provision of voice, video and instant messaging services. The professors are also enabled to use the personal video conferencing client with advanced meeting functions and multi-conference sessions.

Digital Signage

An audiovisual communication platform based on the distribution of multimedia content and messages in digital format, on screens located inside the building that can be programmed and configured remotely. The spaces are characterized by video devices of various sizes. They enhance the two entrance and refreshment areas, and the two video walls that spruce up the spaces as well as their content.


Management and booking of Meeting Room

Thanks to Space Booking and the integration (Easy Staff), the University displays the schedules of all the classrooms to the students in a simple way. The external Space Touch Lumens and the Way Finders of floors provide the logistical indications within the building.

Streaming platform

Implementation of a cloud platform for video streaming that allows the realization of a company TV format. Creation and realization of real broadcast schedules, live channels, and video on demand management.

Internal and external communication
Education and training from a distance
Transmission of live events


Simulation Center

 The flagship of the entire project, the simulation center is equipped with the latest technologies for live audio/video streaming towards the Anatomy Lab and the classrooms.

10 classrooms
3 Simulation rooms with their respective controls
3 Briefing Rooms
1 Anatomy Lab


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Settore merceologico – Information Provider

Sede – Italia

Numero di dipendenti: 1992

Fatturato in Euro: 402 milioni di euro (dato 2017)


La crescita aziendale ha richiesto nuovi spazi e nuove modalità di collaborazione in Smart Working. La tecnologia alla portata di tutti come acceleratore di business e di innovazione.


Easy meeting

Soluzione unica di gestione, prenotazione ed accesso ai meeting ( in loco e a distanza ). Meeting operativi di progetti con funzioni diversificate e dislocate territorialmente ( virtual team ).


Tramite MS Outlook l’organizzatore indice un meeting riservando direttamente dal client di posta partecipanti, sale e virtual conference room.

Partecipanti in sede

I partecipanti potranno accedere al meeting direttamente nella sala riunioni prenotata e direttamente dal Space Touch Lumen

Partecipanti in mobilità / guest

I partecipanti in mobilità o esterni potranno connettersi al meeting con client Skype for Business o WebRTC potranno avviare la sessione di conference.


Allestimento sale con sistemi di videoconferenza su tecnologia Cisco

Presentazione wireless di file multimediali istantanea grazie a Barco Clickshare

Interoperabilità tra sistemi Cisco, Microsoft S4B e WebRTC su tecnologia Pexip

Workspace Management

Space Booking integrato con MS Exchange per prenotare e gestire le sale riunioni.

49 Space Touch Lumen per consentire check-in e avvio della conference direttamente dal fuori porta

2 Space Way Finder per la visualizzazione dello stato di occupazione delle sale