Devices And Technologies


Durante has always been synonymous with System Integration, positioning itself at the top of this sector thanks to three main factors:
- Constant presence in the field, from attention to the client to the continuous search for technological innovations.

- Close relationships with all technological partners in order to maintain direct contact with the best offers on the market.

- Integrated project design aimed at bringing together the form and function of devices within the set-ups.


Durante always offers the best technology through partnerships with the most important vendors on the market.
  •  Monitor, projectors and display systems;
  •  Whiteboards and tools for e-learning and training;
  •  Tools for sharing documents such as click shares or miracast / airplay devices;
  •  Devices in the AR / VR360 universe
  •  Led walls / Video walls etc



Technological leader since the company was founded in 1962.


The constant contact with extremely demanding corporate clients in terms of lean processes allows Durante to offer extremely effective and user-friendly solutions.
The company chooses the best products and satisfies requests thanks to the acquired know-how and partnerships that have been created with the best vendors.

Custom integration

Durante is able to integrate the automated control of all devices into a single and simple graphic interface of Space Booking, eliminating all the remote controls and rendering the entire technology package of the building simple and quick to use.