The future is now.

Since 1962 we have been working alongside companies to improve instruments aimed at communication and collaboration.

The core business of Durante has always been in the telecommunications and networking sector, now integrated with the latest IT applications. The result is a range of multimedia solutions which simplify and improve communication and collaboration in the digital age. After many years of experience with major domestic and international companies, the company today is in a solid position to respond to the standards required by the global market. We have devised an ecosystem of products and services which totally cover the ICT needs of our clients, with communication and video collaboration systems, home automation and multimedia controls, tele-presence, advance visualisation environments. The mix of these technologies has led to the realisation of integrated systems such as: video walls for control and crisis rooms, high-tech management offices, virtual caves, virtual bank tellers, advanced remote expert systems, smart meeting rooms, congress halls, and many other collaborative environments with high innovation content.

More than 50 years of innovation.


During the building economic boom, Mario Durante sees beyond and bets on telecommunications.


The technology approaches the Stock Exchange. Durante is leader in multi-line systems for the operators.


The DOC (Durante Operation Center) anticipates the time and makes the Customer Satisfaction 24/7 central


While the Football World Cup occurs, Durante is the very first one to sell ETACS mobile phones.


From property network protocols to Ethernet, from modem to router: Durante is at the forefront.


The GSM is the first standard of international mobile telecommunication. Durante is a first hour Omnitel’s partner.


Telecom monopoly is broken. Durante obtains immediately the telephone carrier license.


Durante installs the biggest organic wiring in Europe (more than 25.000 points).


The VOIP appears and Durante sets up the very first IP-PBX.


Videoconference is the big news. Durante creates immediately a dedicated BU.


Durante creates its internal software house, incubator of innovation.


Durante’s VNOC is the first service desk in Italy dedicated to the videoconferencing systems.


Dcloud, Durante’s cloud, removes the barriers among the videoconference standard.


Durante is smart working. He plans collaborative spaces capable of integrate technology and design.


Virtual Bank Office is born: an innovative access channel to the banks using video collaboration and domotic system.


Durante is organised like a real technological factory: iDurante is born.


The service suite of Space Booking is presented: booking of meeting rooms, domotic control and work space management.


Durante experiences with success the application of IoT sensors in the collaboration environment.


Careful to the privacy, Durante develops Easy Visit by erasing paper books from companies’ reception.


Easy Meeting: book a material and virtual room in just one click.


Durante acquires PulsarIT to enhance competences of Microsoft technologies.


iDurante becomes Digiwhile: the digital factory that realizes products to improve efficiency and range of business processes.


Space Booking 3.0: new interfaces, new functions, improved performances, simpler than ever before.


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